December 20, 2011

Better than Sex Cake Trifle

When I was taking my brother back to BYU after Thanksgiving, he and I got on the topic of desserts. He told me his favorite dessert was Better than Sex Cake, which surprised me because my mom never makes it. He told me the only time he has had BTSC was in the cafeteria at BYU and when I made it at my moms house a few years ago. I have to say, he has the BEST food memory! I told him I now make BTSC Trifle, which is about 10 times better! After our conversation, I started craving this bad boy life crazy (it has been a few years since I made it). I made it a couple weeks ago and it was amazing, as most of my food is, so I decided to make it again tonight for my hubby's Holiday potluck tomorrow at work. I hope his coworker like it. Hope you enjoy it too!! Happy Holidays!!!

Better than Sex Cake Trifle

1 box devils food cake
2 small pkg. chocolate instant pudding
1 bottle caramel sauce
1 1/2 pints whipping cream
1 pkg. heath candy bits

Prepare cake per instructions on the box (I do mine in 2- 9in. round pans, it is easier for layering).  Cook cake and allow to cool. While cake is cooking prepare pudding, allow to set up.  Prepare whipping cream, sweeten and beat until it forms stiff peaks. Once cake has cooled, break into pieces. Layer half the cake, half caramel, half pudding, then half whipping cream in a trifle bowl or large bowl. Repeat. Top with Heath bits. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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